Sunday, 4 June 2017

New Turtle Bay Menu: More Vegetarian Goodness!

Chris and I recently visited Turtle Bay to try their new summer menu and it was glorious! We turned Pescatarian in September (with the aim of turning Vegetarian and then Vegan) so since then have been trying to widen our pallet and try new things. When the opportunity to try the new menu at Turtle Bay was presented we grabbed the chance! We've never tried Caribbean food before so it made a nice change.

The new menu had more Vegetarian choices which was great for us as we sometimes struggle to find interesting things to have. I mean salad's nice and all, but c'mon, a bit more imagination wouldn't go a miss!

For starters we had the vital veggie platter, ohhhh it was so good! We've never tried okra before and it's now pretty much our favourite thing. I'm not sure what it was fried in but I will definitely be on the hunt to find out. We're a big fan of chickpeas, any type really, as we ate a lot before we cut out meat. They were really good smothered over the bara flat bread with the cucumber chutney. I think we'll try making that at home as we liked it so much. We thoroughly enjoyed this starter and thought it was great value for money. There was so much food and the presentation was really nice too.

For my main I had the Jerk Salmon with coconut rice 'n' peas and super green salad. I wasn't too sure what flavour jerk to get as I'm not very good with spicy food. I thought the classic jerk would have blown my head off so settled with the pineapple option instead. This gave a lovely fruity taste to the salmon. There was also coconut jerk which was creamy but thought it would be too much coconut for me seeing as it was in the rice too.

Whilst we were waiting for our food, a lovely gentleman called Keith came to check on us. He let me try the classic jerk and you know what? It was gorgeous! So nice! He asked the Chef to put a small jug of it on the side for me. I thought it was going to be a lot spicier, but it didn't blow my head off at all. It had just the right level of spice in my opinion!

Chris has the curry shimp, king prawn and mango for his main course. I was also toying with the idea of having this, but decided on the salmon as it's one of my favourite meals.

His main was really delicious too! The curry sauce was really flavoursome and lovely and creamy. The portion was actually really big! We were really impressed as it only cost £10.80. Bargain!

I guess the ony thing we didn't like about it was having to de-shell the king prawn, but that's just down to personal preference and not wanting to get messy!

Our table was at 7.30pm and situated towards the back if the restaurant which had a really nice vibe. It was quite quiet when we arrived, but by 8pm it was pretty full! There were lots of big groups arriving, which to me says a lot about the place.

If you're ever in the area you should go and check out Turtle Bay down by the Harbourside. It's also well known for it's cocktails and buy 1 get 1 free before 7pm and after 9.30pm everyday. Excellent!!

Thanks for having us!

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