Wednesday, 7 June 2017

My Little Fabric Sculpture Bat by Molly Burgess Designs

I came across Molly Burgess' beautiful creations when I was browsing Instagram a few months ago. I instantly fell in love with EVERY design and couldn't pick a favourite.

She has an Etsy store that I also keep my eye on regularly! It's filled with wonderful creatures big and small including butterflies, moths and other creepy crawlies.
Iotaphora Admirabilis. Photo by Molly Burgess

I collect entomology items like framed butterflies and vintage drawings that I display around my house, so I knew I needed a piece by Molly.

I messaged Molly on Instagram to see whether the recent bats that she had made were taken, unfortunately for me they had, but Molly offered to make me my own one! Amazing! I was so excited! Once I put my order in, it took a week for my little Bat to be made. A week! So good! Molly then sent me a photo to see if I liked him, which of course I did, so I sent over the payment via Paypal. Super easy! Little Bat only took 5 days to arrive from the USA, so quick! I was expecting it to arrive at the end of the month so was pleasantly surprised when it arrived early.
Deaths Head Hawk Mot. Photo by Molly Burgess.
Saturnia Pavonia- Emperor Moth. Photo by Molly Burgess

I haven't got a name for Bat yet, do you have any suggestions? I love his little feet and his pointy ears. So cute! He's really well made and his wings are adjustable as they have wire running through them, so you can put him in any position on your wall or hanging from your ceiling.

Make sure you go and check out Molly's work on her Instagram and Etsy page!

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