Wednesday, 31 May 2017

My Hen Do: Alternative Hen Parties

HEN DO! Ahhhh!

My hen do was a few weeks ago and it was so rad! I was super nervous as I really didn’t want the whole ‘L’ plates and sweaty stripper in a club thing, but luckily for me, my girls had my back and planned an awesome weekend!
I’m currently living in Bristol, but used to live in Kent, so I’ve got friends scattered all over the country. It’s always difficult to visit as the travelling takes a while and we don’t always have the time. 
I was super excited to see everyone, as we haven’t seen each other since Amy’s wedding last June! It was so special having all my friends around me, and even better, when everyone met we all got on like a house on fire! I can’t wait to get us back together again in 3 weeks time. Wahoo!

Saturday night was a fun girls night in, pizza, Harry P and laughter, what more could you want! We tried to get an early-ish night as we had to be at the Harry Potter Studio Tour for 9am, (it’s a 2 hour drive), but we managed it!

Sunday was magicaaallll. Some of us had never been, so moral was high despite the early wake up call. I took so many photos of the day but I’ll just show you a few of my favourites.

After HP we headed to Watford town centre and had a wonderful meal at Bill's. I had the halloumi burger and it was delish! On our way back to the car park we popped in a few shops, which included the Lego store! I managed to make some Lego men of Chris and I and also got a wedding scene which is perfect for our cake. Wahoo!

If you're like me and don't drink or don't fancy a messy night out, I've come up with a few alternatives for you.
  1. Vintage bus tour around London
  2. Life drawing
  3. 40 Winks Bedtime Story Nights
  4. Cat Cafe
  5. Camping/ Glamping
  6. Escape the room challange
  7. Make up class
  8. Dance class
  9. Perfume making class
  10.  Craft party
I absolutely loved my hen do and remember it fondly for years to come. Thank you Ladies!!

What did you get up to on your hen do?

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