Thursday, 13 October 2016

Thaikhun: Thai Restaurant Opening in Bath

I was lucky enough to be invited to the opening of Thaikhun, a new Thai restaurant situated in Bath. It’s one of 9 restaurants across the UK including, Oxford, Cambridge, Guilford, Nottingham, Newcastle, Manchester, Glasgow and Aberdeen. I’m so glad it finally made it’s way to the South West!

The restaurant is officially open on Friday 7th October, so make sure you head on over!

The restaurant itself is wonderful! It’s decked out in authentic Thai props, including really random items you would find in the Thai markets. There’s so much to look at and explore, that it makes the time fly by when you’re waiting for your food.

I’ve never had Thai food before so I wasn’t really sure what to expect. I was assumed it would be really spicy and I'm not a big fan of that. I like being able to taste everything, instead of having my mouth on fire!

Chris and I were in a lovely booth towards the back of the restaurant. Perfect for being out of the way, but still in the mix to see what was happening in the kitchen and at the back. Our booth was decorated with various items such as wooden tortoises, sandals in packets and a child’s outfit.

We had a great server called Oliver, he was so knowledgeable about the whole menu, (which is massive), and was super patient with us when we couldn't decide on what to order. He made us feel super relaxed and .

For starters we had Por Pia Sod, healthy prawn rice paper wraps and Tod Man Pla, Thai fish cakes. OHHHH they were amazing, especially the Thai fish cakes! The sauce the Por Pia Sod came with was spicy chilli, which kind of blew my socks off first of all, but was great.

Chris had the Prawn Massaman for his main. It was absolutely delicious! We both agreed it was the best curry we had ever had, soI know what I’ll be going for next time! Massaman is a curry flavoured with cinnamon, star anise, onions, cashew nuts and potato, it certainly didn’t disappoint.

I fancied some duck for my main so went for Ped Phad Prik Pao, a roast duck stir fry with onions, chilli and mushroom. So so tasty and also a large portion which was great. Oliver recommended to order a side with it as it doesn’t come with any noodles or rice, so I opted for Sen Jun Luak, rice noodles with soy sauce, beansprouts and fried garlic. I really enjoyed my main meal because it was light, so I wasn’t left feeling bloated or uncomfortable before my dessert, plus the flavours worked really well together and the duck wasn’t too fatty.

Chris also tried the Thai Takeaway Cocktail which came in a rad takeaway box with a chilli and a straw. So good! He said it was pretty strong which is always a good thing.

We had enough room to fit in some desserts, so I tucked into the Gluten Free Chocolate Tart, which had layers of chocolate on an almond base. It reminded me a bit of the Ikea almond tart, so I knew I was onto a winner. I was hoping for the Thai Bounty but it had already sold out. Chris had the Thai Waffles and green tea ice cream. I don’t like green tea, or any tea for that matter, but Chris said it was one of his favourite ice creams. Rad!

Over all we had such an amazing evening, the staff, food and restaurant were amazing and we can’t wait to go back with our friends to try some more delicious Thai cuisine.

Thank you so much Thaikhun for having us!

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