Sunday, 16 October 2016


A few weeks ago I heard about a new pizza place on Gloucester Road called Pizzarova. As Chris and I are pizza fiends, we thought we'd give it a go.

Lucky for us the place was empty so it meant I got to snoop around with my camera and take lots of photos.

We both really loved the vibe of the place, it was laid back, airy and open. Even if the place was filled to the brim, I don't think you could feel squashed as the tables are laid out around the room with one large one in the middle. It's not like some restaurants where you have to complete an assort course to get to the toilet.

All the pizzas are bespoke and made in front of you, so you know exactly where your food is coming from and that it's super fresh and not been sat on the side for hours. I love it when restaurants have an open style kitchen, it's great to see the chefs at work and smell all the wonderful delights being cooked up in front of you.

The menu itself is situated on the wall to the left when you walk in. You have a choice of 'The Lady', 'Ours', 'Yours' or a 'Salad'. The 'Ours' pizza has been concocted by the guys at Pizzarova and the 'Yours' pizza is toppings of your choice. I went for the roasted garlic, mushroom, peppers, cherry tomato and chorizo and it was so good!

The staff were really friendly and approachable, which made it easier for us as we can get anxious going to new places. 

We loved our time at Pizzarova and can't wait to go back soon. We will definately be taking up the special Tuesday offer where you can get a pizza and a beer for £10. Bargain!

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