Tuesday, 13 September 2016

University of Bristol Botanical Garden Day Out

I recently visited the University of Bristol Botanical Garden on a bloggers tour. It was absolutely brilliant!! I had no idea the garden was even there, so it felt like I had been allowed to know an amazing secret only a select few knew.
There were only a handful of bloggers taking part, but it was great to meet everyone and put a name to a face!


We were ushered around the gardens by a very clever and entertaining man called Tony. He knew so much about plants, insects and flowers, that it made the tour even more enjoyable. Tony taught us so many things whilst walking around, it was brilliant! I never knew that some types of birds pollinate flowers, while some flowers only let certain bees/wasps pollinate them. Fascinating!

I particularly enjoyed the section of plants which were around when the Dinosaurs walked the earth. It was amazing to think that the ferns and horsetail plants which were growing right in front of me, were what the Dinosaurs ate.

It just so happened that the weekend we visited, was the Bee Festival.  Two things in this world that I absolutely adore are flowers and bees, so what more could I ask for than a lovely day out with Chris looking at my favourite things. It was fascinating watching the bee's in their hive, wiggling around getting on with their job. Everyone was so knowledgeable and passionate about bees, it made the whole visit a really wonderful experience.

It costs £4.50 to enter the garden and it helps towards maintaining the lovely area. I believe all of the people working there that day were volunteers, they were all so nice and welcoming!
I would definately recommend the garden as a great day out no matter who you're with!  Kids and adults seemed to be having a brilliant time whilst walking around.

Another favourite section of mine was the greenhouses. Some of them were super hot so I couldn't stay in there for long, (I'm a wuss in the heat!), but it was brilliant! We especially loved the Cacti!

It's hard to believe that the garden has been moved twice before settling in this area. I have no idea how they would have dealt with such a mammoth task of moving everything, but they did an amazing job and I can't want to come back next year to see all the new flowers!

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