Tuesday, 21 June 2016

Wriggle: The Steam Crane in Bedminster, Bristol

Chris downloaded a new app called Wriggle and it's pretty rad! It's a way of finding local restaurants that have special deals on, most are for a set time period so you have to be quick or you'll miss out.

When you've found a deal you want, you buy it using the app and show the code to the restaurant when you order. Super simple!

We found a great offer at The Steam Crane in Bedminster. We've never been there before and hardly ever go that side of town so it was a great opportunity to get over there. The Steam Crane has a nice relaxed vibe and even better, dogs are allowed! We'll definately be taking Luna the next time we go, she'll love it out in the courtyard.

Chris and I both had the brunch and drink offer which came to £12.95 for both of us. The dish is usually £14 on it's own so it's excellent value for money. It also comes with an iced coffee, but I don't like coffee so I was allowed a large apple juice. Bonus!

The food itself was delicious!! I especially liked the homemade beans and the fried sweet potato (black ball in photo), it added another dimension to the meal and worked perfectly. 

It was really nice to be in Bedminster, we ended up bumping into some friends we haven't seen in a while so that was an added bonus. We stayed around the area for a bit and went in a few second hand stores, we managed to find a beautiful bat print for £5 for our lounge wall!

We love exploring different restaurants so this app is perfect for us! If you love great food at low prices, this app is definately for you.

Have you ever tried Wriggle? What did you get?

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