Tuesday, 28 June 2016

Luna's First Trip To The Beach

We finally took Luna to see the sea!! Dogs are allowed on either end of Teignmouth Beach, so it was a perfect place to let Luna interact with other dogs and people.
The only problem is that Luna can be extremely stubborn!! She's still learning to be less excited around other dogs and people, so sometimes it's a stand off between me and her. I guess Mother like Daughter eh?!

She met a really friendly Labrador and wanted to play with him, but as she's still learning I like to keep her on her lead at all times, but she caught me off guard and bolted to the Lab. I ended up dropping the lead and she ran to an unsuspecting man sunbathing in his Speedos and getting some sand on him. Yikes! Plenty more practise to be had by the looks of it!

Where do you think we should take Luna next? Any suggestions?
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