Wednesday, 16 March 2016

Redecorating My Bedroom
Chris and I have been in our house since we bought it back in June 2013. It's gone so quickly and we absolutely love it, however I really want to spruce up our bedroom!

I've got in my head that I want a mountain themed room, something beautiful and tranquil. Basically I just want my bedroom window looking out at the amazing views of the Alaskan landscape! Not much to ask is it?!

I've found some rad things to inspire me  on my journey to the perfect room.

Forest Tapestry
1. Fern Print
2. Mountain Print
3. Mountain Magnets
4. Rocky Mountin Print
5. K2 Mountain Print
6. Winter Mountain Bear
7. Mountain String Art
8. Metal Arrows
9. Antler Hooks
10. Copper Coyote

Have you got any themed rooms in your home? 
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