Tuesday, 1 March 2016

February in Photos


Chris and I just celebrated our 5th Anniversary this month and my new and improved Engagement ring arrived just in time. I'm just hoping that all the problems with my ring has finally come to an end. Watch this space....

We also made the horrible decision to have Bear's left leg amputated, due to a dismal few months of Vet appointments and pussing limbs. Luckily for him, he is now super happy and adjusting the life really well. He's also become a bit of a celebrity at the Vets, with everyone wanting to hold him and see how he is doing. He loves it! Hopefully this week will see the last of the cone, where he can finally start to get on with his 3 legged life in peace. Yay! 

Our beautiful Luna also turned 6 months old. She's a lovely little lady who is full of beans!

This month we also went to London for a long weekend with our friends. The weather was great and the company even better :) We managed to get a lot crammed into our short stay, including the Natural History Museum, Camden and saw Parkway Drive in Brixton on the Friday which was amazing! We had such a great time away, it was definitely needed as we have worked really hard the past year and seriously needed a break. 

We're going to Funeral For A Friend's farewell gigs in Birmingham in April for my birthday, which I'm super excited about! So March will be a month of chilling and hopefully drawing! Keep your eyes peeled for an illustration giveaway. 

Did you get up to anything fun this month? 

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