Sunday, 28 February 2016

Spending ban

Why do I always end up doing this to myself? This past month was supposed to be a spending ban, a way to prove to myself that I do have willpower when it comes to buying pointless things.

 I failed.

I'm really not surprised though! I bought too may things that I didn't need, too much make up and too much food! No surprise there though.

Than again I did manage to get my hands on the new Gwen Stefani blush palette and went to London for the weekend, which was really fun!

I'm not good at saving money either, if I want something and I know I have the money then I'll buy it. I really need someone on my shoulder telling me not to buy it. I just dont have the will power....a bit like my diet.

I bought Chris one of those money saving tins which you can only open by using a tin opener. Maybe I should do that too? Atleast that way I can't get into it and take the odd quid out.

Have you tried having a spending ban month? Do you have any tips?

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