Tuesday, 23 February 2016

Breaking Edge

Oh no, what have I done? 

For the past 2-3 years I haven't touched alcohol, and before that I very rarely did. I mean I haven't even had a small tipple to celebrate birthdays or Christmas! Alcohol is just something I don't particularly like. Some think I'm weird but it doesn't bother me, I always told myself I was never going to live for the weekend and I still don't!

I do end up being asked the same old questions though, usually by those who like to drink a lot.
What made you give up?
What do you do for fun?
How can you go out sober?
Is your life boring?
It's like I'm some kind of alien because I don't like to get drunk! I mean I just have to laugh really. Some people really can't seem to put my decision to rest and try bringing it up time and time again.

Alcohol just isn't my thing! Get over it!

I recently went to London for the weekend, I was having a great time so I thought, hey! let's have a drink and make it a double for old times sake. No one forced me to have a drink (like they usually try to), I just fancied trying a Kraken and coke.

Whyyyyyy did I doooooo ittttttt? I shouldn't have bothered! Nothing happened except losing out on £9 towards something more enjoyable. (Don't even get me started on the cost of alcohol). 

So why did I bother to drink again? Was it just because I was in London? I guess part of me wants to be "normal" and go into a pub to order a fancy beverage instead of 'can I have a large coke please?'. At the end of the day I should have just stuck to my guns, I really don't miss drinking or the hangovers that came with it. For me it's pretty normal now to not drink, but atleast I can say I gave it another go and it's something I definately won't be doing again in the near future.

Rant out!

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