Tuesday, 20 October 2015

Rabbits In The Garden For The First Time!

We have two house rabbits; Mindy and Bear, they both live indoors in large cages when we're at work. Mindy (the black and white one) used to live in a hutch outside, but every night we would bring her indoors to play. She quickly learned that once we got off the sofa and started to shake the treat box, it would mean bedtime outside. She hated it and we hated having to chase after her for half an hour! Eventually we decided to have Mindy as a house rabbit and we haven't looked back since!

They had such a great time in the garden that they didn't want to come back in! One of their favourite treats soon changed their mind though. 

Bear has never been outside before, well not that we know of anyway. We adopted him when he was a baby so we don't know his background, but as soon as we saw him we knew we had to have him. He really enjoyed himself though; running around with Mindy and trying to eat all the weeds. Whoops!

We've never taken them outside before because our garden was a total mess, and they would probably jump over the small wall into next door's garden. Now that we have a fence both sides and have blocked off any potential holes into the gardens next to us, they can have free reign outside! 

They probably won't be out again until the weather is a bit nicer, but it's something that they can look forward too.

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