Sunday, 18 October 2015

Lucky Cat Bag by Skinnydip London

My new bag is amazing!! 
I haven't even worn it yet as I'm paranoid I'm going to get it dirty. Wahh!

I'm loving the novelty bag trend, but I just can't seem to steer away from my overly large bags (or my Vivienne Westwood). This bag is an exception, I can't wait to wear it out! Especially as I'm partial to an all black outfit, so this will definately add that final touch.


I've never bought anything from Skinnydip London before so wasn't really expecting much, but this bag is such good quality! It's really sturdy and sewn together well. The pictures do not do this bag justice! The blue, pink and gold is super sparkly but it's glued on really well so it's not like it's going to cover you in glitter.

Have you got your eye on any novelty bags?

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