Tuesday, 22 September 2015

Urban Decay: Naked Skin Powder Foundation


I love this product!! Why is no one else talking about this? It's so good! 

I love the packaging and the little bag that it comes in. I've been keeping it in this pouch so that the beautiful casing doesn't get all scratched when it's in my handbag.

A lovely lady at the Urban Decay counter in Cardiff matched me to the best colour. I'm always worried about getting matched in store and buying it straight away. The bright lights always make the product look beaut, but then you get home and think wahhhh this isn't the right colour for me and I've just gone and spent 25 quid on some foundation that I can never wear and not take back to the store.

I'm waiting to get through my Too Faced powder before I use this one, but I'm pretty excited to use it!

Have any of you used this before? Any tips to make it last longer?

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