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Threads is the brainchild of Philippa Wall, a rad gal who I graduated with from the University of the Creative Arts in Canterbury a few years ago. 

Threads is a way for art graduates to come together and showcase their work to the public. So far there has been two screenings where both events attracted short-film makers and abstract visual artists to come and show off their work.

Water Lane Coffee House has held both events and is also home to the Canterbury River Punters. The venue is so peaceful and Philippa said the head Barista has been the best support!

The latest showing had 7 artists: 
Ben Barton --"5,000 Miles to Hollywood" and "Little Red"
- Karen Crosby --"A Wonder to the Foreigner"
-Deborah Humm --"Coming to Terms" and "Signal Breakdown"
-Hazeleigh Prebble --"HA Sea Mondays" and "lovenskate"
Claire Manning -- "To Accrete no.5 Movie Stills" 
- Richard Blyth YouTube- No-Fi Hideout -- "Pet, Bike, Garden"
- Gabrielle Simon -- "Body of Space"

Philippa explained that "the purpose of these screenings is mainly to showcase work that is usually shoved in a dark room at the back of an exhibition that people rarely get to sit and respect. For some of the more abstract work it means you have a whole rooms attention, which is great! The screenings are very much grab a seat, or sit on the floor and are less like a formal cinema setting. Its like a Sofar Sounds for the moving image world."

"The mix of films, the ambience, comfortable venue, interesting work."


There was also a small silent screen that showed :
Claire Manning "The Song of the Train"
Richard Blyth " Spinning at Camber Sands" 
Deborah Humm "25 Moments on Screen"

During the evening the coffee house nearly reached full capacity! How rad is that! Atleast 50 people attended and it was only the second show Threads had put on. What a great success! Threads is holding another event this month at the Brewery Tap in Folkestone. Make sure you head on down if you're around! 

"Looking forward to being involved with Threads and watching it grow."

It looks like Threads is shaking up the art world for grads, enabling them to have further help and support after University, as well as making their mark with their work which may not be seen otherwise.

This month Threads is starting a kickstarter to help them match fund an Arts Council bid. This will enable Threads to provide peer-to-peer and work-in-progress events that will bring together fellow art grads to discuss any projects which they are working on and provide guidance for each other. This was something I found really helpful at Uni, it was a place for me to gather more ideas and get some feedback as to what was working and what wasn't. I would definately benefit from Threads being in Bristol! I've found it quite difficult trying to balance a full time job and my illustration work. So an evening where I can meet like minded people who could help me carry on with my dream of being an illustrator would be rad!

"Relaxed and different kind of evening."
The Kickstarter money will also fund one art graduate per group to manage the group. They will have to organise the location of the event, encourage people to attend and produce advertisement material. By doing this they can then gain management skills which they can use in other aspects of their career.  

If you're an art grad stuck in a rut, in a dead end job or dreaming of being the artist that you wanted to be, why don't you get involved in Threads! It's a brilliant opportunity to get back on track and start doing what you love again!

The next event is taking place on September 25th in The Brewery Tap, Folkestone, Kent. Check the Facebook page for more information!

Friday 25th September
- Private View - free entry and open to all!!
18:00- 21:00 -
celebrate the opening of Debut with us and sip of bubbly from us

Sat 26th September
- Debut open from 10:00 - 17:00 - free entry and open to all
---- SCREENING---- 19:00 - 23:00(ish)
>>>>£3 entry<<<< tickets available here to ensure you're not disappointed

Sunday 27th September
- Debut open 10:00 - 17:00 - free entry and open to all
- Workshop TBA 14:00 - 16:00

Monday 28th September
-Debut open 10:00- 17:00 - free entry and open to all

Make sure you check out Threads and all the great work it is doing! I think it is such a brilliant idea and hope to be part of it if it ever comes to Bristol!
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