Thursday, 2 July 2015

Original Source Spray Oil Moisturiser

I recently saw this moisturising oil spray appear in my bloglovin' feed. A few people had been reviewing it before it hit the shelves. I thought it was a rad idea and something I had never seen before.
You see, I hate moisturising, it's just not something that I enjoy doing, I mean I love the smell and the feeling of freshly moisturised skin, I just hate having to make sure it is all rubbed in. Plus I always miss a bit and it ends up staining my clothes.Wahh!

However this new moisturising spray really caught my eye. For one thing, the smell is nice and I've used quite a lot of it although the product doesn't seem to go down much, but I'm still not sure on the product itself...

I love the idea of a spray moisturiser but a few times I have turned into an oily mess and just wanted to jump in the shower to clean it all off. That said, it does make my skin feel and smell nice but I don't really know if this outweighs how oily the product actually is. 

Yes I know it's an oil moisturiser so it's going to be oily, but seriously, it takes so long to sink into my skin it makes me feel a bit uncomfortable. Plus once I've rubbed it in with my hands I then make all the bottle messy trying to put the lid on. It also leaked in the bag when I bought it home which made everything in the bag greasy and soggy.

I bought the spray from Boots for about £4.50 I think, I can't find it online which I find strange, so I can't confirm the actual price. I'll see if I can find the receipt.

Smell: 6/10
Long lasting: 4/10
Amount of product: 8/10

Once I've used it all I won't be purchasing another one. Although I do want to try their new moisturising body lotion and body butter scents!

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