Wednesday, 8 July 2015

Garden Camping In Devon


At the weekend I was invited to Devon to spend some time with friends and to camp out in Shell's garden. It was great!! 
The last and only time I've been camping was for Reading Festival in 2009 (I think it was 2009?!) It was ok, but I didn't sleep a wink because I was paranoid someone would try to get into our tent, which some guy did!!

Manson! She is lovely. 

Shell's garden is absolutely beautiful! I mean look at it! There is even a pond at the bottom of the garden with fish. I loved it so much I couldn't stop taking photos of it! It definately got me in the mood to get our garden sorted.

Moo, the best cat I've ever met! She's rad.

Chris and I made the mistake of not taking a jumper as Bristol has been super hot recently so we completely forgot. So by 8pm I was getting a little chilly in just shorts and tshirt so I went inside for a bit. By bed time I was ready to camp, it was still chilly, but it was going to be fun. I slept really well in on the blow up mattress, but Chris didn't. haha! The the morning the cats were jumping and climbing on the tent so we thought we had best get up.

On Sunday we managed to go to a bootfair!  Well, that was after we had an all you can eat breakfast at the Beefeater because we were too late for McDonald's.


The weather was really nice while we were walking around, so it made the experience loads better. The only things I bought were on the way out from a guy selling plants. His stall was brilliant!! I bought 2 plants for £1 each and a succulent for 30p!! I would have bought many more but Chris was already moaning because I had bought 3. Ha.

After the bootfair we went to the Recycling Centre to try and find a bike for Dan. It was a weird concept to me, going to the tip to buy things, but it was pretty rad to know that the money you paid for your items would be going back into the Recycling Centre to try and improve it. It's also a great idea so that less things are put into landfill! 

After Dan bought a new bike and fixed it to his car, we said our goodbyes and went to meet Chris' parents. We went to Homebase and bought so many plants that the back seats and footwells in our car were completely filled. This photo is half the amount we bought, we just got so excited because we saw what Shell's garden was like and wanted to make ours the best it could be! 

Once we got home we planted some of the lovely flowers we bought, however I am going to save those pictures for a future garden post.

Overall we had a rad weekend, even if my wisdom teeth were playing up and I couldn't really talk much.

What did you get upto this weekend?

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