Tuesday, 16 June 2015

Pineapples Rock!


I'm loving the pineapple trend right now, well I love pineapples in general, so I welcome this trend opened armed! Don't you think a pineapple just adds that tropical vibe that can make anything look better.

1. Tropical glitter flamingo & pineapple garland by Pelemele
2. Pineapple a day. Found on Pinterest
3. Pineapple Silver Ring by SALTYturquoise
4. Ananas / Pineapple illustrated digital print poster with gold leaf flakes by EttaVeeStudio
5. Pineapple bowls by Linea

The nostalgic taste takes me back to being a child and eating so much of it my mouth hurt. Only recently did I find out that this is due to the protease enzyme bromelain, which is actually a natural meat tenderiser! I don't think that would ever put me off though! 

1. Printed Pineapple Ceramic Trinket Disc by Lisa Angel Homeware And Gifts 
2. Tea Towel by H&M
3. Pineapple Dots Wall Clock by Yellow Button Studio
4. Resin Pineapple by MyBuckett
5. ANANAS Pineapple Lampstand by House of Hackney

Are you digging the pineapple vibe too? 

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